MRI and imaging services

If your problem is severe, complex or resistant to treatment, imaging investigation can be helpful. It can further define the diagnosis of your problem and help identify the best treatment options. Patients who suffer persistant, severe or re-occurring problems invariably feel better informed with the help of information gained by different forms of imaging.

In particular:-

  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is useful in relation to spinal and knee problems. A self pay MRI scan at Nuffield hospital costs £495. For those willing to travel MRI scans can be obtained in London for as little as £200. Please ask for details.
  • X-rays can help identify or exclude the possibility of bony fracture after trauma
  • Ultrasound scanning is increasingly used in the investigation of muscular and sports injury. It is also useful in the defining of shoulder problems.
  • DEXA scanning measures the level of bone density and is most useful in determining the extent of osteoporosis in women

There are other forms of specialist imaging too. If we feel that any form of imaging is appropriate in the management of your problem we will discuss this possibility with you. 

We enjoy a good working relationship with the Imaging Department at Nuffield Health, Ipswich who provide imaging services for us.