GILMOUR and ASSOCIATES offers an innovative approach to the spinal and physical problems which most of us suffer at some stage in life. Their work is based on more than 30 years of experience working the field of osteopathy and physical medicine.

There is a wealth of research evidence to support the use of a team approach to patients' skeletal problems. This combined with a focus on prevention of re-occurring problems and optimising physical health and fitness is central to the GILMOUR and ASSOCIATES ethos. Our aim is to find the most appropriate solution to your problems via the disciplines we offer in-house or through the trusted network of clinicians we work with.

Andrew Gilmour has been involved in the evolution of the osteopathic profession for more than 30 years, sitting on the General Osteopathic Council and having responsibility for the assessment of graduating osteopaths. He has a strong interest in the treatment and management of spinal problems.

Andrew's new practice in Woodbridge is based on well tried, trusted and researched principles offering you a complete solution to your physical problems.