Sports injuries - cycling

The most serious cycling injuries result from a road traffic accident or fall. Most medical and safety organisations recommend the use of a helmet and have research to back up their view.
Being able to see and to be seen is important. Lights for seeing or to be seen have moved on in recent years and are worth the investment. Reflective clothing is important.

Other injuries include:-
  • Cuts and bruises from falls
  • Knee pain from an ill fitting bike or wrong pedal angle
  • Saddle soreness, chafing and numbness from poor position, inadequate padding in shorts or inappropriate seat
  • Numbnesss in the hands from poor position on long periods of riding
  • Neck and back pain from poor position

Many problems can be resolved with appropriate treatment or improvement in the way you fit your bike. Our. Team which includes osteopaths physiotherapists and medical physicians aims to find the most appropriate solution to your mechanical problems

At Andrew Gilmour and associates we run regular bike-fit workshops. Ed Page from 53-12  in Colchester attends the practice and a half hour bike fit session costs £25 (as at Dec 2012) 
Phone 01394 387818 for information regarding the next workshop