Knee problems - pre patella bursitis

Pre patella bursitis is inflammation of the fluid sack, or bursa, which is positioned over the front of the patella.

It is often causes by a single trauma, such as a fall, or repetitive action such as kneeling.
Previous generations called it 'housemaid's knee' because it was suffered by housemaid's kneeling on hard floors. These days it is more likely to be suffered by carpet layers, gardeners and DIY enthusiasts.

Treatment for pre patella bursitis:-
- Self help including ice packs, non steroidal anti-inflammatories (e.g. Ibuprofen)      and avoiding the action which caused the problem.
- Physiotherapy ultrasound treatment.
- Local steroid injection. At Andrew Gilmour and Associates this service is provided by musculoskeletal physician Dr Simon Harley.

If there is any puncture of the skin, and sometimes these are very small, the bursa can be infected. Infective bursitis can progress very rapidly and it is important to receive antibiotic help at the earliest opportunity. If the bursa is red, hot and spreading quickly it is best to seek medical help.