Foot and ankle problems - calcaneal bursitis

There is a fluid sack called a bursa directly underneath the heel bone or calcaneum. Inflammation of this bursa is called calcaneal bursitis. It is caused by repetitive jarring and usually relates to walking in hard shoes on hard ground, or a change in walking or running pattern.

Calcaneal bursitis was originally called 'policeman's heel' because it was suffered by burley policeman spending hours pounding the beat in hard soled shoes. Now it is often suffered by dock and factory workers when they wear hard and protective footwear. Other types of footwear such as 'docksiders', 'brogues' and 'flip flops' don't help either.

- The most important factors are, wearing the right footwear on the right surface and modifying activity patterns. Often, this alone can facilitate improvement.
- Physiotherapy ultrasound can be helpful.
- For persistant cases, injection with local steroid from Dr Simon Harley can provide significant relief.