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Exercises and their role in your recovery

Exercises are an important part of recovering from back and neck pain. This has been recognised by the recent NICE guidelines (2009).

Most often, manipulation is particularly helpful in the early stages of treatment. Once pain levels have reduced, exercises are helpful to improve muscle control and mobility of the spine. Andrew Gilmour and Felix Cory-Wright as osteopaths and Mark Endacott as a physiotherapist often prescribe exercises as part of a treatment programme and for the prevention of recurring problems.

In this section of the site, there are written examples of exercises for different areas of the body. Sketches and video clips of these will follow in the coming months.

Please be aware that exercises are most effective with less risk of adverse reaction when they are prescribed by a health professional as part of an overall treatment plan tailored to you as an individual.

Pilates exercises are also extremely helpful in the prevention of recurring problems and are also a stepping stone from active treatment to more vigorous sporting or leisure activities. 

Julia Endacott, as well as being a Pilates instructor is a physiotherapist by training. Her links with Andrew Gilmour and Associates enable her to devise programmes on an individual basis for the benefit of patients recovering from neck and back pain.

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