Whilst osteopathy is often helpful in the initial phases of treatment, we recognise the skill of a physiotherapist in the rehabilitation phase of treatment. It also has a role in the prevention of re-occurring problems. Mark Endacott has a wealth of experience in these areas.

Situations where physiotherapy can prove useful include:-

  • Sports injury rehabilitation after injury of all sorts. Mark Endacott spent 10 years working with Ipswich Town Football Club and 5 of these were spent with the first team squad. He has a deep understanding of the use of a multidisciplinary approach to returning elite sports athletes to full competitive status.
  • Postural re-education which can help patients avoid re-occurrence of spinal problems. Occupational factors such as long periods working at computers, bending over, and other habitual positions can leave patients with a 'postural weakness' which can make them vulnerable to re-occurring back and neck problems.
  • Rehabilitation before surgery- this is often called 'prehabilitation'. If you strengthen the muscles surrounding an injured joint pre-surgery you have less work to do afterwards and recovery is quicker.
  • Rehabilitation after surgery, particularly when the spine, hips, knees and shoulders are involved. The surgery which is often very successful leaves patients with muscle weakness, stiffness, general body deconditioning and loss of balance. Mark's extensive NHS experience underpins his work in the areas of 'pre-habilitation' and 'rehabilitation'.
  • Improvement in 'core stability' can be invaluable in the recovery from spinal problems and Mark Endacott has skills in this area.
  • Structural Integration- More recently Mark has undertaken specific training in this comprehensive myofascial approach to changing longstanding postural dysfunction.
Mark Endacott also practices at 59 Henley Road, Ipswich. 07561 104629
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