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Pilates as a means to recovery and prevention

Pilates is helpful in progressing patients from active treatment to independence from it. Rehabliltation after spinal, hip and knee surgery can be enhanced . It is also extremely useful for patients suffering recurrent back and neck problems in reducing the extent and rate of re-ocurrences.

Pilates is less aggressive than normal gym type exercises and well tolerated by individuals who are not particularly 'sporty'. As well as its role in improving muscle tone, it can help with relaxation and 'stress busting'.
Julia Endacott is a pilates instructor and women's health specialist physiotherapist with 15 years experience.  She has a pelvic floor clinic at The Nuffield Hospital on a Thursday (01473 279136).  Her timetable of pilates based small equipment matwork classes is available on  Classes are held at The Quaker Meeting House, 39, Fonnereau Road, Ipswich (day and evening); Otley Monday morning and at Penny Jones Pilates Studio, Suffolk Food Hall, Wherstead (day and evening) - where Julia has recently started classes specifically for golf and tennis.  To contact her directly please call 0797 704 9332 ; or take a look at her website

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