Spinal Physician


Dr Harley is a Spinal and musculoskeletal physician. He specialises in the management and treatment of complex spinal and biomechanical problems.  

These, including soft tissue, joint and spinal problems can be treated quickly and cost effectively by a Musculoskeletal Physician. His role supplements the assessment and ‘hands-on’ treatment of the osteopath and physiotherapy exercise and rehabilitation and is important to any multidisciplinary team

Dr Harley's skills lie between those of an Osteopath or Physiotherapist on the one hand and the Orthopaedic surgeon on the other. Assessment from the perspective of a Physician with extensive experience strengthens confidence in the diagnosis and broadens the range of treatment options available for many conditions. The use of local injecting techniques is central to his work.

There is evidence for the treatment of conditions such as ‘frozen shoulder’, tennis elbow, bursitis, small joint arthritis and ligament sprains by local cortisone injection. Fibrositis and widespread and deepseated muscle spasm can respond to ‘dry needling’ or acupuncture.
The interpretation of X-ray and MRI scan findings in relation to the patient’s clinical condition is often central to the most appropriate treatment plan. There is sufficient published material to demonstrate that some patients suffering pain from nerve compression such as sciatica should be treated via epidural injection.

Andrew Gilmour has worked with Dr Harley for more than 15 years, referring patients needing spinal physician assessment, a general medical overview or injecting techniques
Dr Harley's background stems from his work as a Spinal Physician at Ipswich Hospital and his role as a General Practitioner at Deben Road Surgery Ipswich. 

This experience makes him an invaluable part of the team at Andrew Gilmour and Associates in Melton Suffolk. 01394 387818