Jo Rodriguez - Sports Massage

Jo Rodrigues - Sports massage

Sports Massage is an effective way to aid the natural healing of structures in the body. It can increase the range of movement around a joint, reduce pain and improve posture. It is a source of relaxation and can help relieve stress.
You do not have to play a sport to receive sports massage. It can be very beneficial to tight muscles as a result of overuse injuries in the workplace or general lifestyle pressures. 

What are the benefits
Sports massage helps to realign individual muscle fibres and can relieve tensile stresses within the muscles. 
It can help general circulation to the tissues by opening up blood supply and drainage from the tissues via the veins and lymph system. This is useful in the release made tight as a result of exercise, poor posture or protecting an injured area. It can help you feel more relaxed and improve your mood. 

Types of massage.

General and relaxation massage:
This technique is a superficial massage which generally does not cross the pain barrier. Light massage or effleurage is used to warm up the area before other techniques are used. This helps to get the blood flowing. 
Kneading techniques, petrissage, can now be used. These movements help to reach the more underlying muscles. More pressure can be applied with this technique and it will help to realign the muscle fibres. Effleurage strokes are then used to "cool down" the muscles gradually.
Deep tissue massage:
Effleurage strokes are used first, followed by the deeper Petrissage techniques. These allow the therapist to sink deeper into the underlying muscles where the tensile stresses are held. Now Deep Tissue Massage techniques can be used across the muscles or in a circular style and this can break down the deep tight and fibrous area within the muscle. Deep tissue massage can be painful but most people describe it as 'a pleasant pain' and know that 'it has hit the spot'. Effleurage stokes are used to finish off the massage.
Pre and Post Sport massage:
Pre Sport Massage is a quick way to warm muscles up before exercise takes place. Quick Effleurage strokes are used initially followed by Tapotement actions. Tapotement actions involve quick, repetitive movements over the skin to increase blood flow resulting in the warming up of muscles. The increase in circulation helps increase oxygen levels to the muscles and therefore should help the quality of the game or match. 
Post Sport Massage is very similar to general relaxation massage apart from the fact that no Petrissage techniques are used. It is simply to cool the muscles down and help the body to flush away toxins that were produced from exercise. 

Jo Rodriguez is a level 4 massage therapist