Your Questions

Here we will try to answer questions regarding your visit to Andrew Gilmour and Associates.

If visiting an osteopath is a new experience for you, the following information aims to answer the questions patients most frequently ask.

If you have had treatment elsewhere these FAQs will help you learn more about our approach to your care.

We are always happy to answer questions by e-mail: or you can phone us on 01394 387818.

Where do I park?
The practice car park is at the rear of the building, accessed via St Audrey's Lane. Please avoid parking on Yarmouth Road.

What should I wear?
After we have taken a full case history of your problem it will be necessary for you to be examined. Most often it is necessary to ask you to remove some items of clothing so that the area to be examined can be exposed. You may wish to wear loose clothing such as tracksuit trousers or shorts and a t-shirt so you can be examined without removing these.
If you have special concerns over what you need to wear or will be asked to remove please contact us before the consultation or ask when you first enter the consulting room. If you wish you can ask for a chaperone or bring a friend or relative to your consultation.

Can I have an urgent appointment?
If we know you are in urgent need, we will do our utmost to see you as soon as we can. Call the practice and explain to the reception staff your situation or ask to speak to Andrew or his colleagues. You can e-mail to book an urgent appointment.

What are your qualifications?
Andrew Gilmour qualified from the British School of Osteopathy in 1978 and completed a further BSc Hons Degree in 1995. He has worked extensively for the General Osteopathic Council and for 15 years has examined the clinical competence of graduating Osteopaths. All Andrew's associates are registered with their professional body and carry indemnity insurance.
How long is an appointment?
There is no fixed amount of time for an appointment although they are generally in the region of 20 minutes. Conditions vary considerably in the amount of time they require and at Andrew Gilmour and Associates we are committed to achieving the best for every patient. Please remember that what is achieved inside the consulting room is only a proportion of an osteopath's work. It is necessary for us to keep relevant notes, communicate with GPs, review hospital X-rays and scans and write reports.

How long will it take me to get better?
Your rate of recovery will depend on several factors including your age, general health, sensitivity to treatment, activities in your life, as well as the type of problem you have. Needless to say those patients who follow the advice given to accompany their treatment generally progress better than those who do not. We will explain your situation and the best advice to help you during your first visit.

Can I phone between treatments?
If you have new problems or concerns between treatments we would rather you phone than be anxious or suffer pain in silence. If we are busy we will return your call as soon as possible. You can e-mail

Will my Insurance Company Pay?
We enjoy specialist status with BUPA , AXA-PPP , WPA, BCWA, AVIVA, Simply Health, United Friendly, HSA and many others. Most insurance companies now refund all or part of patients' fees, some have special referral conditions. Nearly all require that you tell them at the outset before you commence treatment and if you are referred for further investigation or to see another practitioner. Andrew Gilmour and Associates recommend that you check details with your insurer before your first appointment. You will need to bring your policy number and claim number for us to be able to claim fees from your insurer.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your policy covers you and you should update them of your situation during your care. This is particularly important if you are referred for investigation, such as MRI scan, or other forms of treatment.

Please note that some AXA-PPP policies have a fee shortfall (often £18 as of January 2011) to be met by the patient, but it does vary depending on the type of policy you have.

What are the Fees?
Andrew Gilmour - osteopathy £50 (sept 2015)

Felix Cory-Wright - osteopathy £44 (sept 2015)

Katy Stone- osteopathy £40 (sept 2015)

Mark Endacott £44 (sept 2015)

Dr Simon Harley £72 and £92 including injections where needed

For other fees please look on the Fees section under 'Your Visit'

Fees are due at the time of treatment unless you have the policy and claim number from your insurer or if you have written authority from another party such as your employer that they will settle the account on your behalf. There is a credit card facility for your convenience. Full details of fees can be found here

Is it necessary for patients to see their GP first?
Many patients are referred by their doctor, but it is not necessary to visit your GP first (except when a GP referral is needed for the purposes of health insurance). If there is any reason for us to contact your doctor we will ask you first.

Can patients comment on the quality of service?
Gilmour and Associates welcomes your comments about your experience, good and bad. If you have any problems or concerns we would rather know at the earliest opportunity. Whenever possible we will act on your feedback.

You can call Andrew on 01394 387818 or 07780 498323 write to them at Tollgate Cottage, Yarmouth Road, Melton, IP12 1QF or regarding any aspect of your care or the service you receive.

Andrew Gilmour and Associates has a formal complaints procedure, which is available on request from reception or Andrew.